Ronald Louis Fernandez
"Violin Bow Rehairing
with Roger Foster"
Finally, the subject of Bow Rehairing
presented in an easily followed,
by step
event.  See how the bow is
examined and prepped
, plugs cut for
the head and frog,
hair selected then
installed and the spreader inserted.  
You will see how the hair is carefully
rosined for the first time.  Throughout
this presentation you will
view some
from inside the head and frog.  
You will see why hair jobs fail and how
it can be prevented.
Who should see
this DVD:
Inquisitive professional rehairers,
Bow makers,
String teachers & Players (their
Music Stores,
Bow Rehairing schools & workshops,
school districts
& etc
Roger Foster is a seasoned  violin/bow maker who
specialises in restoration. He became apprenticed to a
luthier after completing a bachelors degree at Chapman
University in 1972.  This all culminated into the opening of
Fosters Violin Shop in 1979.  This is a busy, full service
Available through Retail Outlets, catalogues
and string shops.  
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copy, email us at:
Ronald Louis Fernandez produces
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Notice:  This DVD
documents how Roger
Foster rehairs bows. To
become a professional in
this trade demands
supervised training under
an experienced master.  
We will be happy to refer
you to professional
rehairing programs.